The CRE8IV mural project is expanding again this summer with more artwork being installed all over Rockford and expanding to surrounding towns.

Andrea from joined the show to let us know what to do over the weekend. She had a lot of good ideas, and you can listen to it below, but she was very excited to remind us and our listeners about the mural project.

We have sung the accolades of the website in the past. It really is an incredible tool for tons of information on what's going on around town but they've outdone themselves with the CRE8IV section of the site.

Side note: I just realized that CRE8IV isn't just a clever way to write creative but "815" is also hidden at the end in modified Roman numerals 8 I(1) V(5). Maybe this was obvious to many but it did elude me.

Moving on.

Among the resources on the GoRockford site is a handy map of all the murals so you can plan your own walking tour to see as many as you can.

One of the best parts about the site is that you can pull it up on your phone while you're walking around and learn about each mural that you come across.

The site has information on all the artists so you can read about them while you walk around.

Here's a look at some of the new ones that have popped up this year.

Mindy Joy Nutter Young
Mindy Joy Nutter Young

I do especially like the horses one at the end there. You can check it out on the side of Magpie's downtown.

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