Recently we have seen some young ladies from our area disappear.


I'm writing this simply because I want people to be safe and always be alert of their surroundings. I have no idea what is going lately with these young ladies disappearing, but it is scary and hopefully this will help.


  • Don't be so predictable  - People watch for patterns and habits.
  • Recognize the signs - Being watched or followed, do you see the same person a lot. Someone sitting at a bar/restaurant not eating. Trust your gut.
  • Confirm you're not just paranoid - Change walking path, mix up your daily routine.
  • Report - If you feel weird about something or someone, tell the police. ASAP.
  • If they make a move, get moving - If you are in your car and feel uneasy, just punch it and go.

Really hoping we have happy endings to all of the stories of missing women lately. Please be safe and remind others to be safe.


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