The kids had their fun yesterday, now it's your turn to hunt for Easter Eggs.

easter eggs
Viktor Pryymachuk

An "Easter Egg" in a movie is a joke or reference that is hidden in a scene or even in the credits of a movie.

One of my favorites is in the KISSOLOGY Volume One Collection if you press up and highlight the KISS logo, then push enter it takes you to footage of Ace Frehley's wedding in 1973.

  • Raiders of The Lost Ark - As Indiana Jones find the ark, RD-D2 appears on hieroglyphs on a pillar.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Hidden "footprints" sex scene in the credits, for real.
  • Alfred Hitchcock and his 39 cameos - The evil genius, Alfred Hitchcock played small roles in 39 of his films. Walking by, carrying an instrument, in the credits, genius.
  • Back to the Future - Marty McFly knocks over a pine tree which changes the name of a mall.
  • Fight Club - Starbucks in "every" scene in the movie? David Fincher claims there is.

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