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There is a text alert you can now sign up for, to receive a COVID-19 vaccine shot. As we have all read and seen, these vaccines need some extremely cold temperatures to be stored in. There are certain situations where locations need to use them up before they go bad. This could be your chance to get yourself in the front of the line.

By clicking HERE you can get your name put on a "standby" list and you will receive a text alert if one is available.

There are still millions that are in need of this shot, and the current roll out of the vaccine seems to be a bit smoother. Nothing wrong with maybe working yourself or a loved one up the line a little bit with this text alert.

You will need to answer some questions, so those that are in a "priority group" because of health, can go first. Once you receive a text alert, you have fifteen minutes to reply. After replying you have two hours to get to the vaccine location.

Pass this along to a parent, friend or relative that should be bumped up the list quicker due to their current health situation.  This sign up will figure things out by area code, to hopefully get things happening quickly for you or someone you know.

The extra doses will go to waste, so why not sign up to help yourself or those loved ones around you.


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