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For those staying home on Thursday, a "Virtual Thanksgiving" might be in the cards. Sure it's not the same as sitting around the same table trying to remember all the kids names, but it's gonna have to do in 2020 for some.

My oldest son brought up the idea of a "Virtual Thanksgiving" so we can at least see each other, from a safe distance. That sounds neat, but how in the world do you pull that off.

Step one is a great invite to send everyone, feel free to right click, save, and share:

Rockford Virtual Thanksgiving Invite

O.K. so once you sent that out, how do you pull off a "Virtual Thanksgiving?" Interacting with family can be a strange situation in person, so pulling it off over a laptop or phone will take some work...here are some "Virtual Thanksgiving" Ideas:

  • Talent Show - Show off those crazy Rockford talents for your family members...I would suggest a black and white checkered item of clothing and a Sock Monkey.
  • Trivia Night - You could easily work up some Rockford trivia to show off your hometown smarts.
  • Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt - Put together a list of household items, set a timer, and as you Zoom or Teams, or FaceTime, send family member looking!
  • Photo Slide Shows - Put together a photo slide show of your loved ones. More importantly share what's going on in your life locally. 


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