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I had a chat last night and this morning with someone that has never got behind the wheel, when there is snow. With some of the white stuff on the way (it's here now) what do you say to a first time snow driver?

I've been through this with both of my boys, and as a parent this is an anxiety filled situation. Now as I enter this next chapter of my life, here's a new first time snow driver...eeks! Mailboxes, beware.

Snow and winter driving is scary enough, now throw in the mystery of Rockford streets. There is a next level to driving in the snow around here, seriously. Potholes, other Rockford drivers, which areas are getting the most plow attention...There are some strategies for Rockford snow driving.

So if you have a first time snow driver, or if you think you are an "expert" snow driver...now that we have our first snow fall, we all are in need on a refresher course.

Here are "6 Rockford Snow Driving Trips" from AAA.

  • Drive Slowly - Ice and snow will creep up on you, just keep it slow. 
  • Increase your Following Distance - The distance between you and the car in front of you, increase that a few more seconds.
  • Don't Power Up a Hill - Spinning wheels will cause a massive issue. Punching it will make it way worse.
  • Don't Stop Going up a Hill -  Inertia. Get it going on a flat roadway. 
  • Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly - Hit the gas to regain traction and avoid slipping and sliding. 
  • Stay Home - Doing this would end all of the worries, and it's a pretty good idea. 


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