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More than 77,000 people were surveyed for this, and asked about people in the state they live...are they rude? People were also asked if they thought their state was polite, oddly Illinois didn't make either list. YouGov

Where in the world does Illinois land on this list?

So here's a quick rundown, let's start with the "rudest" states:

  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Connecticut

I've been to New York and found people pleasant, same with Nevada...But I guess I don't live there.

O.K. so what about "polite" states:

  • Hawaii
  • Vermont
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • Montana

Hawaii is the most polite, gee...go figure. The concept of "Southern Charm" is pretty legit. if you look at the full list, southern states are all kinds of please and thank you. Accept for Florida, they appear at number seven on the "rudest" list. I know they have the weirdest criminal stories out there....People shoving whole hams down their pants at a grocery store, or beating up a friend with a pork chop, but rude too?

When the 77,000 were polled about their states, it went like this...Do you think that people in your state tend to be more rude or more polite than most Americans. The options were:

More Polite

About the Same

More Rude

I Don't Know 


Illinois for the record, came in at #11 on the rude scale.

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