It's Monday which means the Cash Cow will be mooing twice today for your chance to win $1000.

cash cow in wood type

So if you won $1000 and had to spend it in 30 minutes in Rockford, how would you do it.

You pretty much have a world of options, but you only have 30 minutes so act quick.

Can you time out your actions to get the most out of your $1000 in a short period of time?

Let's give this a whirl and see what happens, How I would Spend $1000 in Rockford in 30 Minutes. Here are a handful of options that would drop a $1000 so quickly:


Guitar Center - Fender American Standard Jaguar Bass Mystic Red $999.99

UsedCarsGroup - 1985 Ford Mustang GT $777.00

Beer Bar - Throw a "premium" party for 100 people, Beer, soda, and water.

Woodfire Pizza -  76 Sausage and Pepperoni pizzas.

Sugar Jones - Gotta wrap this up with cupcakes. 333 cupcakes, I'm a giver.


If the $1000 isn't enough for you, you can win $10,000 from The Cash Cow below!


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