A town in Illinois could charge a $1000 fine for a loose dog.

The other day, I was mowing my lawn and a noticed some dog poop. This made me a little angry because I don't even own a dog. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, but the situation is quite right for one in my life right now.

Of course, I have neighbors that let their dogs loose without a leash. I'm pretty sure it was one of them. I thought to myself, these people need to be fined big time for not keeping track of their canine.

Little did I know, there's a town not too far from Rockford that is trying to do just that. It's LaSalle, Illinois.

According to newstrib.com,

"If you live in La Salle and own a dog, better keep it on a leash. A $1,000 fine awaits if the dog gets away."

Now, it's not because of poop in a yard, they actually do have a great reason.

"City officials signaled the increase was a response to a recent attack in which a pitbull mix repeatedly bit an 11-year-old boy, resulting in the boy's hospitalization."

There's another tricky part of this new possible ordinance. If it goes over well there, you know other cities in Illinois will jump on the bandwagon and do the same thing.

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