Do you remember when it was 105 degrees in Rockford?

Call me a sissy if you want, I'm just fine with that. I do not like the heat at all.

With temperatures in Rockford reaching almost 90 degrees today, I've decided to shield myself from the heat by staying indoors, with a sweatshirt, in the 60 degree studio.

I can't stand the heat. You know, I don't like the extreme cold either yet I would take it over extreme heat. When it's super cold you can put on all the clothes you want, but when you are hot... there is only so much you can take off in public.

Tomwang112, ThinkStock

Now that the weather is warmer, I was curious about how hot could it really get here in Illinois.

I found on the hottest Illinois Temperatures Ever Recorded.

  • 113 degrees

Peoria, 7/15/1936

  • 112 degrees

Quincy, 7/14/1954

Springfield, 7/14/1954

  • 108 degrees

Lawrenceville, 6/28/2012

  • 107 degrees

Cahokia, 7/7/2012

Carbondale, 7/6/2012

  • 106 degrees

Mattoon Coles, 7/7/2012

Moline, 8/18/1936

  • 105 degrees

Rockford, 7/7/2012

  • 104 degrees

Chicago, 7/13/1995

Decatur, 7/25/2012

  • 103 degrees

Bloomington 7/7/2012

  • 102 degrees

Champaign, 7/20/2001

Central Illinois, 7/7/2012

Looks like 2012 was a hot year all around. Come to think of it... it was! That was the year that my husband, then boyfriend at the time, and I had no air conditioning. The power went out and when it came back on, the air conditioning didn't. It was a hot few days before it got fixed.

Will we be breaking temperatures over 100 this year? That I do not know, but if so... I'm moving to Alaska.