You can learn about the history of the Rolling Stones in Chicago.

Do you remember when Rick's Pick was at the Burpee Museum? It was when Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick put his memorabilia and collection on display. It was a history lesson for the band, Cheap Trick.

Think about all the cool things you saw at Rick's Picks including guitars, posters, clothes, pictures, and so much more. How great would it be if more famous bands did that. It's like going through a section of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame without going to Cleveland.

Now, there's a chance to check out the same type of experience with the Rolling Stones. It's called Exhibitionism - The Rolling Stones. You can see it at Navy Pier in Chicago April 15th through July 30th.

For Rolling Stones and music fans, it's a must see. It's the biggest touring exhibit of it's kind. Covering things like the fashion, music, and culture of the band.

The exhibit covers almost 18,000 square feet. It contains 500 rare items spanning their career. It includes 190 original artworks. It also has interactive exhibits. There is a style and fashion gallery to check out. The experience ends with a 3-D concert film.

It's like watching a live version of Behind the Music. For more info check out the website Exhibitionism - The Rolling Stones.

Video: Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones Is Coming to Chicago!


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