Man, the Chicago Air & Water Show has been around for soooo many years and it's back this August for an even more exciting performance!

Did you know this event is the LARGEST and OLDEST free admission air and water attraction in the United States?  I didn't, that's kinda crazy.  When I say this is a popular exhibition to visit, I'm not exaggerating.  Over 2 millions guests come from all over the country to see pilots and military give you a performance of a lifetime right above Lake Michigan.

At Lake Shore Drive, you can sit right on the North Avenue Beach to get one of the best views ever.  Not only will there be jets, they'll have boats, divers, and parachute teams all putting on awesome demonstrations, too.

Hopefully it'll be a really nice day so you can not only see a free show, but get some vitamin D.  Fingers crossed it's a sunny time!  The Show is from 10am-2pm on August 20th and 21st.

So, where are the best places to catch the entire Chicago Air & Water Show?


Again, this is easily the best location to watch the incredible show.  Because it's right on the water, you'll be in the center of it all!  Make sure you get there EARLY because if you're super excited for the Air show, just know there's a few million other people also eager to attend... meaning spots on the beach will fill up fast.


One of my favorite places to visit when I go to Chicago!  I don't know what it is, but Navy Pier has so much to do and so much to see walking along the boardwalk.  This might be a really cool spot to watch the Chicago Air & Water Show because you could be on the Ferris wheel with a few higher than everybody else!


This is like bucket list goals... that's all I gotta say.  Imagine being out on the water and being in the MIDDLE of the performance.  It must be such an adrenaline rush!

Where do you like to sit and watch it?  To find out more about the Chicago Air & Water Show coming to Lakeshore Drive on August 20th and 21st from 10am-2pm, visit the Chicago website.

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