There's a historic bridge in Wisconsin that is currently for sale.

If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Really, I'm not kidding. There's an actual bridge for sale. That's right, you can get yourself a bridge.

According to,

"The Smith Road Bridge is a single-span, steel, riveted, and bolted truss bridge built in 1910. The town of Turtle and Wisconsin Department of Transportation want it removed and are willing to give it away for free to anyone interested in keeping it whole and maintaining its historic integrity at a new location."

Even though there's no fee for the bridge, it will still cost you quite a bit of money.

"Don’t underestimate the cost to relocate, reassemble and rehabilitate the approximately 120-foot-long truss bridge with a 16-foot deck. Plus, maintain its historic integrity. The price tag could be as much as $350,000, according to information from Mead & Hunt, an engineering and architecture firm."

If you're interested, contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


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