As if they didn't already tax us enough! Apparently there's one other tax that's higher in Illinois than anywhere else and that's on cell phone services.

The Tax Foundation report stated Illinois residents pay 31.2 percent while the average is 21.7 percent. The reason for the difference is local state taxes. While the federal rate is 9.05% across the board, Illinois residents see a 22.14% add on from local rates. Oregon is the lowest at 2.27%.

It's already annoying when you drop calls or can't get service in certain places, it's now even more annoying knowing we pay that much more in taxes and still have these issues. Unfortunately there's not much we can do since we've become a society dependent on cell phones and their services. The one piece of good news is that they believe excessively taxing on cell phones could end up being bad for the economy and the society. I'm not holding my breath though.

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