This is exactly what Bob Barker was warning us about when he'd sign off reminding you to spade and neuter your pets.


A summer heatwave has led to the animal shelters in Rockford to be almost at capacity. And this heat has nothing to do with the rising temperature.

Winnebago County Animal Services Administrator Brett Frazier told WIFR:

This time of year, every shelter in Illinois, in Rockford, and in the Midwest are all full of cats,

The rise in the feline population is something they call kitten season and to those involved, this comes as no surprise.

Kitten season is something that local shelters prepare for too.

Noah’s Arc Kennel Technician Jamie Balke says they prep for kitten season by emptying out their kennels and slowing down on the number they take in.

Currently, the Winnebago County Animal Services and Noah's Arc Animal Sancturay combined have over 300 cats and kittens.

At some point, they will run out of room for them. But there are ways you can help.

Lots of shelters suggest using a process called 'Trap-Neuter-Release':

"Getting these cats altered, while letting them continue to live their lives in outside communities, makes a massive difference,” says Balke. “It is a noticeable difference when we have a good T-N-R year."

You can also help with the overcrowding by donating money, volunteering your time, or adoption.

If you'd like to add a new furry friend to your family contact Winnebago County Animal Services or Noah's Arc Animal Sanctuary.


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