Want to know how close a Meth Lab is to your home, or even where you work? Check out this interactive "Find a Meth Lab" map! METHLABFINDER

Ever sat in your living room and thought, "man, I wonder how close by a meth lab is..." Probably not, but thankfully I've found a tool that can help you find one. Is there anything I can't do for you? Check this out...

A small bag of methamphetamine (P) weighing one gr
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This website is interactive, actually quite fun to use and easy. Go to the map, type in a state, city, a street address...whatever! It will find a meth lab near you. You might be scared oh what you find, "Old Man Johnson" down the street might be into more than peppermint candies and telling people to get off his lawn! Find a Meth Lab HERE

Inside An Auckland Methaphetamine Lab
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An "interactive meth lap" map? This is the official explanation from REHAB of why they did something like this:

 So you can learn whether a meth lab once existed close to your own home. Adjust your address if necessary, and discover whether a meth lab once existed just a few streets or miles away from where you live currently. - REHAB

You may look at this for serious reasons like keeping your kids out of harms way, or you might look at this site with the intention of, "I KNEW that dude looked creepy!" Either way, this is your one stop shop for finding a meth lab in your neighborhood, enjoy!

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