This upcoming weekend is going to get toasty, here's how to stay cool.



When the weather man simply says "hot", you know we are in for it. Friday's temp, triple digits.

The heat will build all week, "muggy" is a great weather word that has been used. AT least the guy on T.V. didn't say moist.

For those that do not have air conditioning I have some great idea's.

So how to deal with the crazy heat, according to Medicine here are the Five Top Ways to Stay Cool With no A/C.


  • Use box fans and ceiling fans to circulate air - Open doors, push that hot air out
  • The cooling power of water - Soak your feet in a tub of cold water
  • Head downstairs - Heat rises
  • Eliminate extra heat sources - Computers, extra appliances
  • Stay Hydrated - We've talked about this, drink, drink, drink water!