Brookfield Zoo is asking for your help naming three baby wolves.

I've always said naming a child has got to be the most difficult decision. I have not yet had to try to do that, but some day I'm sure I will.

Help Brookfield Zoo Name New Wolves

Brookfield Zoo is giving us all an opportunity to name three of their newest children. In May, four adorable Mexican gray wolf puppies were born to first time parents Zana and Flint.

One of the four already has a name. Nestor, the male pup that is already named, was given his name in memory of a wolf who used to reside at Brookfield Zoo.

Two female pups and one male pup still need our help with their name!

You can vote online for your favorite wolf name at

These are the different names that are being voted on.

Female Pup (1)

  • Magdalena
  • Artesia
  • Winona

Male Pup (1)

  • Inigo
  • Fausto
  • Chavo

Male Pup (2)

  • Coronado
  • Aldo
  • Hector

I secretly hope that the boy pups are named Hector and Chavo. I have two very good friends named Chavo and Hector, and I would love to tell them I helped name wolves after them.

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