Everyone needs a friend and cranes are no exception. There's one in an Illinois zoo that has taken that a step further and adopted one of the animal caretakers as his buddy.

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The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago shared a fun video showing a grey-crowned crane named Slidell who perks up every time senior animal care specialist Mike enters his habitat. Just watch these two in action.

According to Wikipedia, grey-crowned cranes are native to Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. As you can see with Slidell at Brookfield Zoo, their wingspan is massive and can reach out almost 7 feet.

Cranes like Slidell are also known to be very talented dancers. Wikipedia says this is part of their courtship ritual that both males and females practice.

The Brookfield Zoo shared the video of Mike and Slidell as a part of National Friendship Day. That's one of many reasons they are worth a follow on Facebook if you enjoy fun, organic animal moments.

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