Forget Werewolves of London, we've got Werewolves of the Stateline.

Small Town Monsters

Small Town Monsters are getting ready to release a documentary film this fall about werewolves that have been spotted in the Stateline area.

The Bray Road Beast is chronicling the sightings of a wolf-like creature that has been spotted in Southern Wisconsin as far back as 1936. There was also a series of sightings reported in the 1980's and 1990's in both Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Walworth County is no stranger to having reports of werewolves making it's way to the big screen. Back in 2005, a horror film The Beast of Bray Road was released. The film was written and directed by Wisconsin native Leigh Scott.

Since the 1990's this wolf-life creature has been garnering national attention. Writer Linda Godfrey wrote a series of articles for The Walworth County Weekly on the alleged werewolf. Her articles eventually became a book, The Beast of Bray Road - Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf.

Godfrey will be a part of the upcoming film. There will also be stories from people who have supposedly witnessed the werewolves. Along with historians and investigators who will be telling centuries-worth of history on the myth surrounding werewolves.

Not everyone believes that these creatures that have been spotted throughout the Stateline to be werewolves.

Werewolves do not exist according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. While other residents claim that they are just a hybrid of either a dog, coyote, or even a wolf.

No word yet as to whether or not these wolf-like creatures are connected to the pack reported to be living in South West Illinois.

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