We've all been there, whether you're the one with the crying/screaming child or sitting there trying to eat while listening to a screaming/crying child. It's not pleasant and can be embarrassing for the parent, but does that mean kids shouldn't be allowed in certain restaurants?

One restaurant in California has decided to do something about it and it's been met with mixed emotions.

Old Fisherman's Grotto in Monterey has a policy that does not allow high chairs, strollers, or booster seats inside the restaurant. Along with that, kids who are crying or being loud will also not be allowed inside the dining room.

The restaurant has a sign posted with the rules stated on it and one Yelp user shared it on the review site.

As of this time, the restaurant hasn't denied anyone service because they have their kids with them. But the policy is also posted on their website, often deterring families from dining there. Old Fisherman's Grotto says they serve families with children daily but only if they follow their rules.

Some have been in favor of the policy. One woman going on Twitter to say:

Kudos to Old Fisherman's Grotto for their policy regarding children. I've lost track of the # of times our dinner has been ruined by screaming/whining/crying brats whose ignorant parents don't control them. If you cannot afford a babysitter for the rugrats, stay the hell at home.

While others are saying the policy is blatant discrimination. One Yelper said:

“We didn’t bother giving them a try after seeing their sign about no strollers and no loud kids. This is crazy, I’ve never seen something so blatantly discriminatory.”

As a mother of two kids, I hope this policy doesn't make it's way to restaurants in the Forest City. I've been to a restaurant in town where some of the patrons looked at us like we shouldn't have been there because our girls were with us. And they weren't even acting a fool that day. Don't get me wrong, I know my kids can act up, but that day they were just there to eat.

I've also been to a restaurant in Chicago where families with kids were seated in a different section than those without kids with them. Similar to the old smoking/non-smoking sections from back in the day. Which I'm fine with because I get it, kids can turn on a dime and start acting crazy.

Also as a parent, I know there are certain places you shouldn't dine out with your kids with you. That's the night you get a babysitter, but that's just common courtesy and sense.

But I don't agree with having a policy that flat out states no crying children. Because no parent gets to pick and choose the moment their kids start having a meltdown and crying.

Do you think Rockford restaurants should not allow children to eat their dining rooms? Would you still give them your business if they had a policy similar to this?

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