Over the weekend I saw several people sharing this post on Facebook looking for any information about a missing mother from Marengo, Illinois named Bree Peter.

I can only imagine the pain and panic all of Bree's family, friends, and children must be feeling right now, but I couldn't help but wonder, what kind of "misinformation" are they referring to in the above post? Are people spreading lies or giving false leads? I've dived into some of the comments on similar posts about Bree's disappearance, and they have left a lot of questions. Many concerned friends and family are asking...

  • What was she wearing/doing/driving when she was last seen?
  • Was she believed to be with anyone before she went missing?
  • Why isn't the McHenry County Sheriffs Department publicly asking for information regarding Bree's whereabouts?

The most bizarre thing about this situation is that several people are saying she is still active on Facebook messenger and is sending messages, but the family says the police are aware of this and that the phone company has been contacted, but they are still unable to determine Bree's location.

Please, if you know anything about Bree Peter's location, have seen, spoken, or received a message from her recently, PLEASE contact the McHenry County Sheriff's Department at (815) 338-2144 immediately. So many people want to see her arrive home safely and they need your help to make that happen.

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