Did you see the smallest parking spot in Chicago?

Living In Chicago

Sometimes, when I am planning to attend a concert or event in Chicago, I think to myself, that it would be much cooler to actually live there.

Do not worry, it only takes the drive on I-90 to quickly remember why I will not move to the Windy City.

Yes, there is always cool stuff happening. I will put that on the positive list. The only problem is there are way too many negative items too. Those reasons include traffic, crime, and cost of living to just name a couple. Do not even get me started on parking.

Parking In Chicago

Sorry, I have to talk about it. I just can not keep the issue to myself. Parking in Chicago sucks. Okay, I have some valid points.

It is really horrible to find any free street parking. If you are lucky enough to find an open spot, well, you better check twice for any signage because the spot is probably available for a reason. You will most likely end up being towed or with a ticket. That is not cheap.

Speaking of not being cheap. You can find many parking lots to use but they are really expensive. Plus, the longer you stay in one spot, the more expensive it gets.

Many drivers in the city just do not care. You have to be really careful where you park. You do not want to end up being a victim of a hit-and-run accident. If a car sideswipes you, there is no way they are leaving a note with their insurance information.

Perfect Spot

If you figure out a good place to park, make sure you memorize it because they are hard to come by.

That is what makes this parking job even more impressive.

How awesome is that? He found the one scooter parking spot in the whole city.

I pride myself in being skillful when it comes to parking but that one is hard to beat.

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