In Loves Park, have you noticed the new Illinois marijuana dispensary?

Legal Recreational Marijuana Is Huge In Illinois

Ever since recreational marijuana was legalized in the state of Illinois, it has blown up. The industry is a big business that generates millions of dollars.

Each month cannabis sales break the previous month's record. I knew it would be successful but not like this. I am sure most residents would agree with me.

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One Major Issue with Legal Pot In Illinois

The only issue is something easily fixed. There are not enough adult-use dispensaries in the state. The supply can not meet the demand.

Think about how much bigger weed sales would be if there were actually enough dispensaries in the Land of Lincoln. I could only imagine.

Well finally, the state will award more licenses. This should help the lines and shortage. In fact, some are already popping up throughout the state including in Loves Park.

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Do You Want To Play I Spy

Do you remember the game "I Spy" from when you were a kid?

You get a picture that included many objects. Then you have to find specific items. When you find one then you say, "I spy a pizza," or something like that.

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Adult Version Of I Spy

Today, I played an adult version. I noticed something new while I was out running errands, then I said to myself, "well, that is interesting."

What I really meant was, "I Spy A Pot Store."

That is right, I spotted a new marijuana dispensary in Loves Park. Take a look for yourself.

Do not judge me because if you drove by the business, you would have noticed it too.

Photo by Double T
Photo by Double T

More Details About This New Dispensary In Loves Park

Unfortunately, I do not think it is open yet. There were no vehicles in the parking lot when I stopped to take these pictures.

I jumped on the Great Google Machine but did not find much.

There is a Facebook page set up with no action on it. Check it out HERE.

According to,

"The Happy Cannabis Company, located in Loves Park at 4120 N Bell School Rd carries a selection of THC and CBD dispensary menu products that can be ordered online to help customers get the relief they deserve."

No other information is available from what I found. I guess we will have to wait until the official word comes down from a grand opening.

I really love the name, "The Happy Cannabis Co." They can have a really fun sales pitch like, "The Happy Cannabis Co. makes its customers smile and hungry."

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