Have you ever heard of the Summer activity, Slip-N-Slide Kickball?

When I was a kid in the Summer, my friends and I would play outside from sun up to sun down. We loved being outside. Our favorite things to do were sports. Especially, activities that we made up.

I found out about Slip-N-Slide Kickball on the internet, of course. It's from playrsclub.com.

"Slip-n-slide kickball is exactly what it sounds like. You play a kickball game like you are used to, but you use slip-n-slides as your baselines and slide into kiddie pools as your bases."

We would have definitely played this game growing up.

Video: Epic Game of SliP & SliDe KickBaLL

Imagine if the Rockford Park District had their very own Slip-N-Slide Kickball league. The games could be held at Sportscore Two. We could host the national Slip-N-Slide Kickball championships. This could mean big money for the Rockford area.


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