Mysterious voices were picked up on film during a visit to a popular Rockford attraction.

I'm not sure what to think of this video yet it does give me the creeps.

Legend has it that Rockford's Tinker Swiss Cottage is haunted.

You can even take a paranormal tour of the cottage where you can learn about the cottage's history and hauntings and you can bring your own video and audio equipment to record your findings.

In this 4-second video below a male voice is picked up on film during a Ghost Box session. There is little information given about the nature of the video, but it is still down right creepy.

This is from the description in the video by Dale Kaczmarek on YouTube:

While conducting a Ghost Box session in the basement at Tinker Swiss Cottage in Rockford, Illinois, a question was asked, “Is one of the Tinker’s here with us now?” The Ghost Box immediately responds with a male voice that says, “Yes."

Ugh, can we say creepy!

Take a listen for yourself.

This isn't the only video Dale has posted on his YouTube channel from the Tinker Swiss Cottage.

He uses a Ghost Box to communicate with the paranormal.

A Ghost Box is a communication tool used by some investigators to speak to the other side. Typically, a ghost box is a modified portable AM/FM radio that continuously scans the band according to the Paranormal Research and Resource Society.

In this video, the ghost box picks up the word 'should.'

And in this video, the ghost box picks up the words 'perhaps, yeah.'

Creepy, huh!?

You can download your own version of a Ghost Box using an app on your smartphone. There are many to choose from.

I'll prefer not to disturb the spirits, it creeps me out.