Well, hell. That didn't end how it was supposed to. You would think a simple hashish delivery in Wisconsin, would be easy peasy. Apparently it's harder than it sounds. Why do you think they call it dope? TheUnion


So a package was sent to the wrong person in La Crosse, Wi. Once they realized the drug box wasn't meant for them...they called the cops.

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The authorities showed up, took the package and started the process of tracking down where it came from. This tracking of this package led them to Alta Sierra, California.


When cops showed up at the residence where the box of hashish came from they found a grow. There was 200 plant grow operation, and apparently not a very good "mail going out" department. Geez people, attention to details!


Imagine receiving this package in the mail. Oh look, it's grandma's famous cookies and a knitted sweater! This doesn't smell like grandma's cookies, it does smell funky though. So what would you do? Would you call the cops? Return to sender, or would you "check out the contents?" So many decent options here.


Let's review the delivery screw up here. You have one job box labeler...the correct address. Sampling the product is not a good idea before heading to UPS or FedEx to send off your belongings.

Lesson learned apparently, and that type of screw up won't happen again.

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