Losing a child is the unimaginable. Remembering the child you lost by helping others is incredible. 

There's a woman here in the Stateline area that pops up in my Facebook timeline every year around this time and reminds me to share her amazing story of selflessness.

No matter how many years pass after a loss you still feel it and for Megs Emanuel that is so true of her son Brody.

But, she manages to turn some of the grief into a fundraiser to remember Brody and to bring smiles to faces around Mother's Day.

Brody's Flowers is now in it's 5th year and Brody's Mom, Megs, has managed to collect more money each year to expand the original idea.

Sweet and simple, the Brody's Flowers Facebook page shares the story

This is a mission done in memory of Brody Austin, who in 8th grade, raised enough money to provide geraniums to all the mothers in our local nursing home.

Megs recently told WIRF that she started the fundraiser after seeing a Facebook memory of Brody selling geraniums around town and then delivering flowers to his great grandmother and others that lived in her nursing home.

He was so sad to see anyone not receiving any flowers on Mother's Day and wanted to donate.

After his passing in a motorcycle accident, Mega decided to start Brody's Flowers when she saw the Facebook memory.

This is the second year Brody's Babies is in the mix too, an addition Megs attached to Brody's Flowers to hand to mothers in memory care facilities.

They're hoping to raise all the money they need by April 28 and you can donate on Facebook.

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