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With 2020 being such a difficult year, the October 2020 voting for the "Hard Rock Casino - Rockford," was delayed...Well Rockford, we are finally here.  MyStateline 

Wednesday morning at 10am the Illinois Gaming Board will vote on the future of a Hard Rock Casino, in Rockford. The Rockford location is one of the first things on the agenda, up for vote. If the Illinois Gaming Board votes YES for Rockford, once the ground thaws construction can begin....fingers crossed!

It seems like so long ago that the press conference was held at the former Clock Tower Resort location to formally announce this project:

What a great day that was. Rick Nielsen fought back tears, talking about his involvement and his love for family, and Rockford. This guy has put it all on the line to help bring a Hard Rock Casino to Rockford.

If there is approval and that "yes" vote, a temporary Hard Rock Casino location will be at the Giovanni's facility on State and Bell School Rd. until the actual building is complete.

After the opening minutes are discussed and the formalities of the Illinois Gambling Board are taken care of, the vote will take place about Rockford's license. It looks like they have a lot going on in this meeting, so let's just say YES and move forward.



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