Does the Tooth Fairy use PayPal these days?

'Tooth Fairy'
20th Century Fox

It is National Tooth Fairy Day, Rockford! Before we get into the whole "back in my day..." conversation, let's review the lore of the winged one.

According to legend, The Tooth Fairy waits for a child that loses a tooth to place it under his/her pillow. Then the creepy imaginary creature sneaks into your kid's room and takes the tooth leaving cash.

I did some research of how much money to leave, and it appears that the going rate in 2017 is $5.00. What in the heck, that is steep. So let's ask around on National Tooth Fairy Day, how much cash should be left under the pillow?

  • Double T - $5.00, but I got a quarter.
  • Steph - $5.00 for the big ones up front, $1.00 for the rest.
  • Brooke from Choice Furniture - $2.00 to XBox Games (editors note, what??)
  • Jen Clutter - $2-5
  • Kourtney Kelley - Like a Dollar maybe?
  • Chuck Barham - $5.00
  • Rachel Lyn - $1.00 I'm cheap
  • Becky Riojas - $5.00


So as you can see it varies, but I guess the whole $5.00 a tooth isn't that crazy.




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