Tough financial times are hitting the tooth fairy.

When I was a kid and lost a tooth, I got a silver dollar.

My daughter would get $5 per tooth.

I've actually heard of some children getting $20. I thought $5 was bad.

How can the Tooth Fairy keep up with these drastic increases?

Well, it's not possible.

According to,

"According to a new study by Delta Dental, kids received an average of $3.70 per lost tooth last year, down 43 cents from 2017."

The Tooth Fairy payout peaked in 2016 at $4.66. It has dropped every year since then.

Don't feel bad for the kids though, because they are still making money. 37% of parents give $5 per tooth. On Average, the first tooth receives $4.96. Plus, most of them aren't blowing the money. 48% save their earnings.

Overall, getting money from the tooth fairy is a good life lesson on the value of money.


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