During a concert in Milwaukee, Corey Feldman's tooth got knocked out.

I have to admit, I was a fan of Corey Feldman's movies back in the 80's. Who didn't love movies like "Goonies," "Lost Boys," and "Stand By Me."

Unfortunately like many successful child actors, he ran into some trouble. He has tried different ways to make a comeback through the years including reality TV.

His current project is a band called "Angelic 2 The Core." They made their debut on the Today Show.

Video: Corey Feldman today performance

The band is currently on the road. They played a show at Shank Hall in Milwaukee earlier this week.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

"Corey Feldman knocked his own tooth out with his microphone." 

"He paused the show and asked his fans to help him find the tooth and one fan did."

Video: Corey Feldman loses a tooth and looks for it

I've heard of strange things happening during concerts, but this is a first.

This was a pretty good one. In the movie Rock Star, the lead singer falls down steps on the stage set.

Video: Steel Dragon - Blood Pollution

If you want to check out Corey's new band for yourself, they are playing on Saturday night at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois.

Wouldn't it be cool if they could get him to play a show at District in downtown Rockford. I would definitely go check out that show.


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