November 20th is National Absurdity Day! This date was created for us to remember and talk about some of the more outrageous and entirely off the wall events/things in our history, in our country, or our lives. National Absurdity Day is also a day for you to participate in crazy activities. It's a day for fun, crazy, zany things!

Everyone has an excuse to go a little nuts today. If there's something silly you've always wanted to do, today's the day because you're celebrating National Absurdity Day! If you're anything like me, everyday is this holiday. I mean, I make up sing-a-longs, dance like a crazy fool, and just over all say things that make most go "Hmmm". But I do enjoy myself, and that's all that matters. It's as if this day was made for me!

Make sure you use the #NationalAbsuridtyDay as you do whatever crazy thing pops into your head today. Just make sure you keep it fun and safe!

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