John Lennon would be turning seventy-four today. October 9 was a big day for him for another important reason other than the obvious. His son Sean was born on the same day in 1975, making him a year shy of forty today. On top of that, he had received his green card just a few days prior after a long, hard fought fight with the U.S. Government.

In 1996, I had the opportunity to interview Yoko Ono about a John Lennon art exhibit in Telluride, Colorado. I was working at a station in Grand Junction at the time, doing mornings with a fellow named Mitch. We hosted the Johnny and Mitch Show. Mitch is a great guy and is living the life in Colorado, his native state. He knew I am a huge Lennon fan and really let me ask most of the questions.

I tried joking with her, but I don't really think she was a huge fan of my schtick. She was very nice and didn't 'sing' at all, so it's all good.

Yoko Ono interview:

In 2011, I was spoke with New York City disc jockey Dennis Elsas. One Saturday afternoon in September 1974, John Lennon came by the studio and spent the day with Dennis. They talked about John's new album Walls and Bridges, other artist's songs, and Lennon even did a weather forecast and read a live commercial for a club (while taking a dig at his friend David Bowie). Dennis has lived the DJ's sweet life in the Big Apple, spending time with many of the most inspirational of rock royalty, including Jerry Garcia, Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, and Rick Nielsen. Check it out.

I had seen the American Masters documentary LENNONYC, which featured many quotes and interview excerpts with Dennis. I contacted him the following day and he was gracious enough to talk about that memorable afternoon. John even brought some of his own 45s to play.


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