Today we celebrate the birthday of Kevin McCarthy. He has been a key part in the success of this radio station, and to be honest, in the success of the social environment of Rockford. You WILL run into Kevin out on the town, and you will have a good time.

All of us want to wish Kev a Happy Birthday, and give you the 96.7 The Eagle listeners a suggestion for some birthday gifts. He may have got robbed at "What Rocks" but this should make things better .According to Good Housekeeping here are a few great gift ideas:

  • Best Farter Ever Coffee Mug - More people are in The Eagle studio Kevin.  Amazon, $14.
  • Baseball Oven Mitt Glove - He never lived his dreams of playing for the Cubs, but the Hot Pockets won't get out of the oven on their own. Amazon $65
  • Pot 'n' Putt Bathroom Golf Putting Game - Kevin can work his short game, while... Amazon $25
  • Miracle Beer Belly Reduction Soap - Kevin is out for a drink "on occasion". Amazon, $6.
  • Socks Sandals - They are socks, that look like sandals...They will go perfect down on the dock. Amazon $15

Happy Birthday Kevin, from your Eagle Family.


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