Once upon a time in a city 30 miles west of here, I sat in freezing temperatures for eight hours to see this guy.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Quality House Furniture in Freeport was a Metro Centre ticket outlet. I sat with a friend in below zero temps, and in the falling snow so we could get the best tickets possible to see Cheap Trick. We ended up with second row center, and the night was one I'll never forget.

Another time maybe five years after that, I waited in line for 45 minutes to get Cheap Trick autographs and maybe a handshake. Rick cracked a joke about my quality of friends at that current moment, "you hang out with these people, good luck".

Fast forward to the present, it is safe to say that Rick is a friend of mine. He is always so gracious and generous with his time when it comes to me. The man has a heart of gold and truly was put on this planet for two reasons...Kick ass on guitar, and to make people happy.

So many great personal stories come to mind when I think of Rick Nielsen. He has opened his home to me on several occasions, and I am truly grateful.

Today my "Rock and Roll Super Hero" turns 70. Happy Birthday Rick Nielsen, looking forward to a great 2017.

Christmas Day Rick will host "A Rockin' Cheap Trick Christmas on The Eagle" from 8am - 10am, and again 5pm-7pm.


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