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Creative criminals can be fun to read about, but what if they are a handful of ten year olds?

So what were you up to at age ten? Some video games, little league, maybe a soccer team, hide-and-seek, robbing convenient stores with CPR dummies? Yep, me too. The parenting in this situation appears to be top notch and these kids have a career path laid out, I'm guessing in politics.

Let's head down to Peoria, Illinois where our criminals are three girls and two boys around the age of 10, yes 10. They attempted to rob the Jackpot Supermarket at 11:30pm....10 year olds.

They tried to use the CPR dummy to break the glass out, but the door was also protected by metal bars...so no lucky. Not only were they kids young, but the CPR dummy was a "child sized" dummy! After failing to rob this store, that the owner claims he knows who the kids are....they went next door and were successful to robbing the store, because it had no bars on the door.

Imagine being the officer assigned to this situation and seeing a CPR dummy, and broken glass outside of the store. For what, to steal some Sour Patch Kids and a Monster Energy drink?

Nothing was mentioned about an arrest of these kids, but with security footage and the Super Jackpot Grocery Store owner saying the kids have visited and been thrown out before, an arrest can't be far behind. SmokingGun

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