Ever heard of the "Darkhorse Lodge"? This was brought to my attention this morning, and I remember hearing such great stories about this place. The purpose of DHL: Honoring our nation's heroes by providing a peaceful atmosphere for combat veterans to enjoy rest, relaxation and recreation.

Here's some background from Gretchen Catherwood:

Alec Catherwood (Byron, IL) died serving our country with the US Marines in October 2010 - After living thru every parent's nightmare his parents have committed their time, energy, finances, & lives to helping our veterans at home!
Alec's mom, Gretchen, created a FB fundraiser to benefit the creation of Darkhorse Lodge - a peaceful retreat for veterans that the Catherwood's started in honor of their only son.



With a place like this that services and takes care of our vets, and help you could give would be amazing. Here are the details on how you can help out Darkhorse Lodge. CLICK HERE. Thank you!


I will take any opportunity at all to raise money for Darkhorse Lodge. Most of my time goes to DHL, almost all of my energy goes to DHL, a good deal of my money goes to DHL and a large part of my heart belongs to DHL. When Facebook asked if I wanted to do a birthday fundraiser, it was kindof a no-brainer. I am hoping to raise $1,500 in the next 2 weeks. Please help me go way beyond that goal. If you love or are related to or work with or are friends with or live near or know or thank a combat veteran, please donate $5. That's all. Just $5.
If everyone who fits that criteria were to donate $5, Darkhorse Lodge could open in a matter of months (assuming we could get contractors and subs here that fast) and not years.



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