Sensitive much, KSWO?  Mandy Bailey is a quirky and goofy Meteorologist that obviously enjoys her job. This Lawton, Oklahoma weather person gives a "brain teaser" question daily, and apparently this one was a bit too much for people:

Photo - Citizens of Lawton
Photo - Citizens of Lawton

So obviously it's "Hang in There." But viewers got all nutty about the noose. So much so that the TV station FIRED HER. People complained that the drawing was offensive and racist. KSWO in Oklahoma issued a statement including that it was, "offensive and unacceptable."

Fans of Mandy Bailey's work put together a page to bring her back HERE.

One of the comments on the "Save Mandy" page is heartwarming and shows how much she is appreciated:

Wrongful Firing. Mandy doesn't have a mean bone in her body....the PUZZLE came from a book. - Susanna Hunter 



While this company (like all companies) need to be aware and sensitive to viewers concerns, this is just silly. Hats off to Citizens of Lawton for standing behind Mandy.


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