One of the best hotels to have a ghost sighting is located in Milwaukee.

Ghost hunting is very popular. There are TV shows based off of it. You can also go on haunted tours.

Whenever there is a place that people find out is haunted, ghost hunters flock to it.

Could you imagine staying overnight somewhere that had ghost encounters?

Well, there are several hotels throughout the world that are known for being haunted.

There was an article on called "Best Haunted Hotels for Spotting Ghosts."

Actually, one the places listed is the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

"It's a historical landmark, built in Milwaukee in 1893, that hosts baseball and basketball teams that are visiting. Many of the players have reported strange happenings."

I've stayed at the Pfister Hotel a couple of times when I was going to Summerfest. It's a nice place, but there is something creepy about it too.

I didn't experience anything while I was there, but I have a couple of friends that swear they have seen and heard ghosts.

Here are some videos about it.

Video: Pfister Hotel Ghost?

Video: MLB Player says he saw ghost in his room at the Pfister

Maybe the next time you go to Milwaukee, you might want to stay at the Pfister Hotel to try and catch a glimpse of a ghost.

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