I've heard don't fruit the beer, but what about glitter?


Instead of green beer this St. Patty's Day, how about a glitter beer. Breweries are now serving up beer with a little extra sparkle. Don't worry the glitter is edible, so that makes it safe for you to drink.

Geek.com has reported on some of the different glitter beers that are out there and it seems a couple of them have been inspired by some of our favorite artists. Australian brewery Two Birds Nest have a glitter beer called Stardust IPA which contains a ton of glitter and is a tribute to the late David Bowie.

Stevie Nicks has helped inspire one as well. Sasquatch Brewing Company, out of Portland Oregon, have a sparkly beverage called Gold Dust Woman. That's one I wouldn't mind trying.

There are a ton of great local breweries here in town and I'm wondering if they're going to hop on this trend. They could use names like Sparkling Symbol, Stateline Shimmer, 815 Shine, or some other variations.


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