The God of Thunder likes to eat his sweets, if you ever watched "Family Jewels" you know this. But what he does to his sugary breakfast cereal is pretty unique.

Ice cubes in cereal, never heard of such a thing. The Demon likes his milk really cold, especially when he's eating this bizarre cereal combo...check this out:


Let's move beyond this ice cubes in the milk thing...what in the HELL is he eating? The fire breathing, blood spitting Gene Simmons of KISS is eating Oreo O's mixed with Frosted Mini Wheats? This makes the whole I like cold milk thing look pretty tame.

The Twitter world had fun with this, here are some great responses:


30 years. 30 years watching him do this. This is my life. - Nick Simmons (his son)


You have ruined 2020 - Dave Jorgenson


I'm an actual person and I've been doing it for 35 years. - Scott Simpson


Everyone focused on the ice instead of the revolutionary breakfast innovation that is combining Frosted Mini Wheats with Oreo O’s - Jerry Dunleavy


We all celebrating 2020, but my man already in 2021 - Joey Saladino


Worse things have been in Gene Simmons mouth. - Pointy End


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