It's hilarious the way this Illinois couple got busted in a stolen car.

I've said it many times. Smart people don't end up with their name in the police blotter.

As always, I don't support breaking the law. If you find it necessary, then think the plan through. For example, if you're going to be transporting a bunch of drugs, don't speed. You're only attracting attention to yourself.

This couple in Peoria, Illinois got busted in a stolen car because they couldn't ignore their urges.

According to,

"Police rousted two people having sex inside a stolen car parked outside a nursing home early Monday."

These aren't a couple of teenagers. They are adults. Didn't they have somewhere they could go more appropriate?

Here's something to add insult to injury.

"However, after further investigation, the deputies determined that the twosome had not stolen the car." 

They couldn't even do it in their own car.

I just shake my head and think, at least it isn't Rockford.


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