From the Facebook fundraiser page for Manh Nguyen (Monty) :


On the evening of 4/19/19 our beloved friend Manh (Monty) Nguyen was washing his vehicle and found himself victim of a brutal robbery. Monty was struck over the head from behind, knocked unconscious and beaten relentlessly by two men. He was robbed of his wallet, personal possessions and car keys. They then proceeded to drag his unconscious body out of site. Thankfully the two men were scared off by a bystander who rushed to help only to find Monty bleeding profusely from the bones in his face shattered from the blows. Monty is known for his always upbeat attitude and outlook on life. He is loved by many and always the first person to rush to friends and family side when needed. He is married to a lovely woman in his home country of Vietnam who is currently working on sponsoring for her. Monty is self employed as a nail technician and currently does not hold personal health insurance. Monty is still in the hospital in intensive care. Please help us help Monty cover his impending hospital bills and get him back on his feet. We love you Monty and we are shocked and appalled by this senseless act of violence. Monty have touched many lives in the daily basis, please help Monty during his time of crisis.


To make a donation, you can CLICK HERE.  If you have ANY information about this senseless attack, contact the Rockford Police Department at  (815) 966-2900. Thank you.

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