Here are some fun places you can renew your wedding vows in Rockford.

According to,

"Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne have officially smoothed over their recent rough patch and renewed their 35-year-old wedding vows." 

That got me thinking. Where would a couple want to renew their wedding vows in Rockford? Of course, there are obvious places like Anderson Gardens and Nicholas Conservatory.

What about somewhere different and fun? Here is a list of ideas.

Volcano Falls - Put on flowered shirt with leis and pretend you're in Hawaii.

Ski Broncs Show - Ride out on the boat during the performance and you will have a built in wedding party.

Magic Waters - Take the plunge on the Double Dare Drop.

Edwards Apple Orchard - You wouldn't need a cake because they have those tasty donuts!

CherryVale Mall Center Court - Everything you need is right there. Lots of room. Places for people to buy presents. Eat at the Food Court. Plenty of parking.

Video: Vegas Vacation. Chapel of the Bells scene.


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