Finally a 'Frozen' parody I love to watch. It's 'Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?' guaranteed to make 'Breaking Bad' fans smile.

'Breaking Bad' is my favorite television show. Once I was finished binge watching every episode in order, I truly felt that no other show could ever compare. There was a certain void in my daily television time.

It took me about six months to finally be able to watch other shows without comparing them to 'Breaking Bad.' Conversations got stale at work because Brizz and Mike finished the show as well so there was nothing left to talk about.

I can't wait until the boys get to work so I can show them this awesome 'Frozen' parody.

No I don't want to build a snow man because it's too cold. I rather sit and watch Walt and Jesse on my computer screen sing this silly parody. Enjoy!

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