Doesn't this Florida woman know what Walter White and his co-horts do to snitches? It ain't pretty. You could say that Susan Schrivjer is freakin' mad about "Breaking Bad" action figures being sold at Toys R Us. According to a article, the Fort Meyers, Florida mother has gathered over 2,000 signautres to ask the toy store giant to remove the toy Walter Whites and Jesse Pinkman from their shelves.

I must admit that I thought it was odd that Toys R Us would sell toys that come with detachable bags of cash and even little bags of the infamous blue meth that Heisenberg and Jesse cooked up so well.The toy retailer puts the action figures in their adult action figures of the store. You know, the stuff that is never supposed to be opened because it will dramatically drop the value for grown ups who never grew up. I never knew they had a section like that. Plus, the package clearly says the toys are for ages 15 and up. Hmmm...when I was a kid, the 'meth talk' came at seventeen. My how times have changed.

The angry mother says she's actually a big fan of the show, but doesn't like to see the dirtbags of society next to Candyland and Strawberry Shortcake. Bryan Cranston however, pulled out his inner Walter White on Twitter in response:

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