Saturday is National Mustard Day. And if I'd known about that holiday, this is NOT the direction I would've thought it'd go.

French's Mustard just announced that in honor of the holiday, they're releasing a brand new MUSTARD ICE CREAM.

It's bright yellow and apparently it tastes like cake batter with mustard swirled in.

A reviewer for tried it, and crazily enough, they sort of liked it.

"It didn't taste like a frozen condiment, the sharpness of mustard did not insult the sweetness of the cake batter. Instead, the two opposing flavors seemed to come together and lessen one another."

But she does say, "I have a feeling this will be polarizing."

Unfortunately, most people won't get to find out for themselves. The ice cream is only going to be available in Culver City, California and out of a special ice cream truck in New York.

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