Little Cubs Field in Freeport is so incredible.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

I tiny replica of Wrigley Field is located on Empire Street in Freeport, Illinois. The Pee Wee League baseball kids play there and the feel of Wrigley Field is incredible. From the ivy, the old scoreboard, the bleachers, Little Cubs Field in Freeport is must see for all Cubs fans.

You can see Little Cubs Field and maybe see our face on ESPN. ESPN is coming to Little Cubs Field on Monday, May 22nd to do a story on Little Cubs Field and Freeport Little League. Film crews will document the ballpark and it's story and it will play on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN on Sunday June 4th, during the Cardinal/Cubs game.

So Little Cubs Field is inviting any and all that played Little League in Freeport to attend this ESPN filming. Fill up those bleachers and wear blue to the ballpark. They will be filming on the morning of Monday, May 22nd. For more information click here.



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