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Local high schools have been "attempting" to have football games. The NIC-10 split up the league into two halves to limit travel and the amount of people interacting. Teams as awhile have had to drop out because of COVID-19 situations. Harlem had one day to prepare for a game, and a team was dropped and another was added. What a CRAZY high school football season, in the spring...Now comes this.

Freeport Aquin Catholic Schools are searching for their next opponent, and they are using social media to find one. They make a great point that with it being "senior night" that those seniors deserve to have a game. All of the extras are taken care of from the refs to the field, to the popcorn....Aquin just needs someone to play, on the final game night for the seniors, and the final game night of 2021.


This is 2021, people. When a high school has to take to social media to find a high school football team to play on senior night, because a virus has caused other teams to cancel. Here I was on a Friday night as senior in high school wondering where the keg party was going to be after the game. Times have certainly changed.

The fact that through three classes, 1a-3a that they can't find an opponent?? That is pretty depressing.

Best of luck to Aquin as they search the state for someone to play on senior night.

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